September 15, 2008

Just a series of important events.

On Saturday midnight,
(Or Sunday morning)
Went to sleep around 12.

Out of a sudden,
There was this very weird thing that happened :
Some scary image appeared in my head and I felt a surge of jolt going through my whole body,
Or was in goosebumps,
Or something,
Nerve impulses?
I don't know,
But it was freaky enough to make me get out of bed.

Just walked around till 2 and went back to sleep.

Went to church on Sunday,
Starting to like playing Ping Pong.
And we had a discussion about cliques.

Nothing much,
I just hate the mamak stall near my house even more.

This shall be the official start off of this post.

After extra Chinese class,
Went out from school around 2.30pm,
Chinese restaurant was out of food,
So I went to the mamak stall.

I saw Eirban and Tou Yang,
So I decided to eat there.

How wrong was I.

Took me half an hour to get my roti canai,
I eventually gave up and ask them to pack them up for me,
Since everyone was already done with their lunches,
Leaving me alone.

I reminded them twice and reconfirmed with me once,
I really want to smack them -.-

I saw another dude who ordered roti planta but they gave him roti kosong instead,
He told the guy he wanted roti planta,
And he actually went and take planta?!??!
Then that customer said he wanted to planta INSIDE,

What kind of service is this -.-

Please remind me never to go back there.


Xjion89 said...

"never go back" i reminded you already.

Kritz said...

But I don't think i'd work =x