September 11, 2008

1 thing about my Malay classmates that I quite admire ...

Yet again,
I'm blogging about something to do with school changing -.-
I feel so repititive.

As you all know,
A lot of other students and I were offered a chance to go to any boarding school.

Only Malay students are interested,
While Chinese rather remain stagnant in their current environment.

For Malay students,
Getting the chance to go to boarding schools is like guaranteeing a bright future or a chance to further their studies.
They don't mind leaving their comfort zone to go somewhere totally new.
It'll take something big to make me make such a decision.

I don't know why I admire that spirit so much ._.

Maybe because majority of the Chinese students are more dependant to their parents ...

Or maybe it's because our mind set is that boarding schools have 90% Malay students,
And we don't wish to be in such an environment.

Whatever the reason is,
I hope I wouldn't be too sad when I eventually have to leave this comfort zone.

* * *
Another thing to blog about.
Should have split into 2 posts,
But never mind.
No one cares anyway.

This post is somehow related to someone,
But I don't think he will read this anyway,
Even if he reads,
He'll probably interpret it as something bad,
Saying I'm siding her or bullshitting.

But nevertheless,
I still think there's a need to express what I feel.

When someone gets a little annoying,
Or you feel that she is a little off the hook,
I don't see the need to continuously shout insulting words.

Even though I don't really agree of what she does,
I still treat her as a friend,
And I guess she doesn't hate you too,
Then what for act like that?

If you really want to continue disliking her,
Have it your way.
But you don't need to insult her in such a bad way.

Same goes to everyone else,
You know who you are,
Don't need me to point it out.

Oh yeah,
Don't try to shoot me back with something,
I dislike others with a strong reason,
And I do try hard to try to scrape off that feeling.

Of course,
I'm not saying that I'm a perfect person.
Feel free to point out what I've done wrong.

* * *
Oh yeah,
Some people are really annoying.
Leave me alone please ._.


thames,ur annoying friend said...

a wnderful post.i have quite agreed with kritz.other races lke chinese and indian should take chances.look at the malay,there not dependant to their parents instead they stand on their own leg.kritz ur brave for posting tis post withoutfearing for other people's exspression.malaysia is a country u r free t express urself.u will get ur singapore ghost story on monday.

Kritz said...

stupid eirban -.-