September 24, 2008

Results results results.

Second trials over,
Although it's not that important,
It's still important.

As always,
I sucked at History,
Got like 68%.
So sad.
Such a disgrace.
I only revised for form 3,
Last minute studying didn't allow any time left for form 1 and 2.
And guess what,
In the 35 form 1 and 2 questions,
I already got like 16 of them wrong.
Only 3 for the remaining 25 form 3 questions.

I wonder how am I gonna face my History teacher ._.

Geography was good though,
Never expected to get 90%!
Didn't even study for it, *cough*!!

Waiting for KH (living skills),
Hoping that my hard work will pay off.

*no mood to post anything else, sigh*

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