September 7, 2008

Of damned big mouth spoilers. (does it even make sense -.-)

I've been offered to go to a Sekolah Berasrama Penuh!!
As in ... er ... hostel school?

Not exactly offered,
But teacher listed out some names that stand a chance to apply for it.
She didn't even mention the schools name,
How are we suppose to know whether we want to go to an unknown school or not?

But one thing's for sure,
I don't think I'll be going.
Unless it's some high class school with everything paid for and maybe even resembling an international school =X

Oh yea,
I hate people who blurt out spoilers.
I so friggin' wanna stab them to their death and suck their blood dry.
I didn't just say that ...

After that miserable Saturday school,
I went to church short after.
Was quite reluctant to go,
But in the end I didn't felt that way.

Spent the whole day out,
And I'm going to go out again now.

Bye computer,
I'll miss you :3

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