September 5, 2008

Thinking too far? Too much?

I have been thinking of that subjects to take up for my SPM ...

Oh wait,
I just noticed I haven't even got ready for my PMR!

I kind of listed out 16 subjects that I might take,
Including those that are compulsory.
Of course,
It doesn't mean I'll take all.
I know I'm not a hard-working student,
Maybe even the opposite of it >.>

Well anyway,
Here's the list.

1. Biology
2. Chemistry
3. Physics
4. Moral
5. English
6. Malay
7. Chinese
8. Add maths
9. Modern maths
10. Bible knowledge
11. English literature
12. Accounts
13. Basic economics
14. EST (no idea about that)
15. ICT (no idea too)
16. History

I'm not crazy,
I just saying,
Not actually taking all >.>

My father says I should study everything,
Then only decide whether should I sit for them during Form 5.
I'll need to make a drastic change of myself if I really want to take all of them,
And I mean really drastic,
Something crazy like studying 2 hours everyday!!

Is there any other subjects that I can consider?


Jarod said...

eh, i suggest you not to take so much subject. Else your attention will go off. ICT can take off lah.. no use.

Kritz said...

I thought I said it's only under consideration >.>
I know I cannot tahan that much =x

Xjion89 said...

ooo, too many subjects already! My advice is that u put more focus on science subjects. Before by doing so, later, u can choose btwn art and science. If you hv decided on ur future job, then, juz take the related subject(^^), Anyway, all the best(^^)

Kritz said...

Okay ... I shall heed everyone's warning ... I'll cut ICT + accounts + ekonomi asas .. maybe.

Captain Boondoggle said...

You must take phys-ed. It is a requirement.