March 3, 2009

The Big Day

I was hoping that they would suddenly postpone it,
But I know it's impossible.

The choral speaking would be held tomorrow at SMK Bandar Puchong Jaya (A),
Besides the fact that chances of winning are very low,
Comparing one who practiced for 4 days and the others for weeks and months,
I hope that I would have time to talk to my friends from SMK BPJ(A).

Very tiring indeed.
Kinda enjoy it in some twisted way,
But tomorrow's the end of the dream in my nightmare.

A new month,
Will be officially dropping English and Add Maths for tuition,
Probably spend that extra time slacking around at home,
But .. well .. I guess it's just not needed.

Work harderrrrrr.

Blurred vision,
Sudden headaches,
Withdrawal symptoms! LOL.

Don't wish to be lifeless :(
Nothing to write about,

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