March 12, 2009


Warning : Post might seem boastful. Read with caution.

Quoting from a previous post :

Hoping Add Maths would turn out good,
If I get good results,
It will totally boost my morale in the field of Add maths ...

Guess what?

My morale is officially boosted. :D

/run boastful snobbish alter ego .exe

I'm so happy!
Highest in class!
When teacher finished marking our Add Maths paper during our Maths exam,
She said no one got 90 and above.

*I actually hoped for it, but never mind. Teacher already told me I got one wrong the other day*

She goes on to say that the highest was 88%!

I really hope that was mine,
And when everyone surrounded our teacher to find out what results they had,
I immediately went to check mine too.

Someone told me I was the one with the highest mark,
But of course,
I had to see it with my own eyes to reconfirm.

Kinda happy,
But not super happy.

I actually expected more.

/end boastful snobbish me .exe

It wasn't that bad,
Was it?


Congrats to those who took their SPM results.
Even though I don't know many seniors.

Tiong Hsien's sister scored 12A1s,
As expected >.>

I seriously wonder how does she study,
How I wish I could study that way.
How I wish I could study half as much as she studies but still score the same results =x

Form 4 started out okay I guess,
New subjects and all,
Worst so far is my History.

Urgh, History.


Might be joining Australian Mathematics Competition too,
I remember last year,
I joined without any preparation.
Haven't even got my cert from my teacher,
The empty piece of cert worth RM30.

Hopefully they wouldn't print my results on it,
Or else I might as well burn it.

Spent a whole afternoon looking through my AMC paper last year,
Kinda scared myself when I managed to solve some questions with just logical methods and without formula.
I think my logical thinking decreased after studying for Add. Maths and Maths @_@

I need to find a way to get myself prepared!
I want to be the next one to get high distinction~!

*For your information, there was this senior who was really a professional in Maths.*

As if that would happen.

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