March 23, 2009


Was sitting on the black asphalt parking lot again,
Legs crossed,
Attending the weekly school assembly.

Right leg got totally numb,
To a state where I couldn't feel it.

They really had that public speaking thing.
Good luck to those who actually were so lucky to be picked,
Out of hundreds of other students,
If only one could strike a lottery that easy.

I sorta twisted my foot,
My right one,
When trying to stand up to sing our school anthem.
It was numb AND twisted.
It was so excruciatingly painful I couldn't even think of foul words to curse.
Of course I didn't feel like cursing at that moment,
I'm just saying.

The life from my face was flushed out,
And I felt like puking.
I didn't even eat anything for breakfast,
It would be very, very bad to puke a gallon of bile and all sorts of gastric juices.

Limped to class.

Finished off the Bukit Kepong movie,
I actually felt like tearing when the movie ended.

You caught me,
I'm joking of course.
Was laughing away with other classmates.
The book is really, really, really boring,
But teacher managed to feel sad and teared when she read the book,
I salute thee!

I actually scored lower for Mathematics,
Compared to Additional Mathematics.
Since when such things could happen?
87% for Maths and 88% for Add. Maths,

Physics was not too bad too.
It was the best in class. LOL.
In previous posts I mentioned that it was easy but I just wasn't sure whether the answers were correct or not.
Turns out most of them were correct after all!

(If you think I'm boasting or something .. well ... I couldn't help it. Hah!)

I got one more mistake where teacher had to deduct my marks,
But after showing her,
She just ... did some changes,
But didn't change the overall score.
I kept passing my paper to her for her to change but she just doesn't want to,
I guess I can't do anything about that =/

Ate lunch,
Went back to school,
Wanted to just inform the BSMM people that I hurt my foot and I can't march.
Waited for like ... 20 minutes?
Malaysian timing is really getting out of hand.

Not many turned up anyway,
So there was no point practicing.
Maybe tomorrow.

Limped home,
Crossed dark asphalt during the hottest time of the day,
Letting the scorching rays bounce off my skin.

Limping ...

Limping ...

Walked pass the primary school,
Inhaling carbon monoxide that burned my lungs,
Making sure that I stay further away from the road,
In case cars decide to run over my other good foot,
Which I will probably end up crawling back home.

I saw this car,
The front (facing me) was facing a little out to the left,
Probably getting ready to get lost,
So I decided to go around the car from the inside,
Guess what,
The driver reversed!

Profanities immediately came to my mind.

Swallowed it down anyway,
What's the point of saying it out when she probably couldn't hear it.

Finally reached home,
I noticed that walking with a bag on my back is a big burden,
It's so much easier to walk home without a bag.

Have to thank my father for massaging my foot.
Still awfully painful though.

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