March 30, 2009

Woots~ short update?

Kar Mern's birthday party was a success~!
Glad that our (Yi Shen, Tiong Hsien and I) present was wanted. lol.
Food was amazing,
Crowd was amazing too.
I foresee that all of us would randomly mention some incident from the party for probably a month or so.

Went to pay my respects for my grandparents on Sunday.

Josh Tan and Tiong Hsien came over to my house to do the PowerPoint presentation thing,
I ended up doing it till 2am.

Have to :
Improve the slides,
Finish school work,
Study for the Bible Knowledge competition,
Finish tuition work,
Finish English Literature work,
Finish Bible Knowledge class work,
Type some Chinese poem,
*pulls hair*

Oh ya,
Revise and study for each subject too.

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