March 13, 2009

Holidays~ YES!

(digs out timetable, trying to recall what happened in school)

Pn Tan told us about the PowerPoint presentation competition thing,
Where we're suppose to make slides about Add. Maths or Maths,
Using it as a teaching guide or something.

The 1st one she showed was AMAZING.
If I'm not mistaken,
It was from Catholic High.

I gotta start cramming flash techniques to put into the PowerPoint,
And finding those weird sound effects to suit the slide.


Really interested,
But I don't think I'm good enough.

Got back my Add. Maths paper,
I was this close to getting 90 marks,
I got one question wrong,
Which was worth 10 marks,
Really didn't know how to do that one at that time.

Got workbooks for Add. Maths,
Add Maths homework throughout the holiday :D


Watched the movie for Bukit Kepong in the APD room,
Laughed all the way even though the movie was serious and all,
I'm not blaming anything,
But the acting is really ... you know ...

Laughed like mad,
Was happy too because I didn't finish my komsas (Malay Literature) homework,
Didn't have to pass up!


Successfully dragged Tiong Hsien to help me out with the registration of parents tomorrow.


Had Physics exam later on,
I thought it was easy but I'm not sure whether I could score for it or not.


Had the Chinese 'concert' later,
Pn. Chua sang while playing her guitar,

Got Chinese results back,


Basically the above was what happened in school,
Thanks to my timetable to help me recall,
Too bad I don't have anything to help me recall stuff after school.


List of things to do for the holidays,
I know I'll end up not doing anyway,
I must remind myself,
Just in case.

Add Maths, the workbook,
Komsas, the homework I owe for weeks, maybe months,
Chemistry, that photostatted set of questions,
Chinese, some essay and something on the workbook,
Tuition BM, tatabahasa (probably grammar in English).

* wonders why do I blog about everything out of a sudden *

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