March 10, 2009

A Little Something About Commenting.

I wanted to blog about this months ago.
Just my 2 cents.

Long time ago,
A post about the boycotting of American products.

Even though it's not that good to make fun of such a sad thing,
I don't really see how offensive it can be,
But then again,
I might never know.

The comments were the main thing I was reading.

The Blogger was talking about the BOYCOTTING,
Not the whole incident!

Yet comments were bombarding the blogger,
Totally off topic stuff.

It's so stupid,
And so funny at the same time.

Why people just can't open their eyes to read properly before leaving a comment for the whole world to see?
They even posted their blog links,
For directing traffic purposes,
I'm saying those are wrong,
But if you leave dumb comments,
And let people go to your blog to see how intelligent you can be,
Isn't that ... kinda ... telling the whole world how dumb you are as well?

And for those who just write whatever they think,
Or maybe without even thinking.
It never hurts to double check,
Or just doing some homework.

The internet is always there,
And whenever I come across some information,
I just google up and double check,
Not wanting to embarrass myself.

Same goes to any where on the internet,
Forums and stuff like that.



And those people stirring up issues about the PPSMI thing,
Saying Science and Mathematics should be taught back in Malay.

I'm not saying Malay is a bad language,
But seriously,
Why study in Malay now and change to English in higher education?

In my opinion,
If people fail their Science and Mathematics,
It wouldn't make much difference if it were to change to Malay because they still wouldn't bother to study.
Unless it's those who really can't,
Probably could have extra classes for them.

And extra classes for the teachers too?

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HC said...

Hi , Kritz . HC here . Was trying to use my mobile phone to access Internet . Yay . It works . Oops ... Remind me of my exams tomorrow . Chem and BC . :x