March 17, 2009

A book and a movie.

After downloading so many movies,
I finally sat down to watch one of them.

I watched this first is mainly because of the book,
Which was a very very nice book.

The movie was not bad at all,
After reading,
And watching,
I feel like reading again!

Quite a loyal adaptation I guess,
Most of the dialogs are the same.

Did I mention most of the time the movie was in Farsi?
Some Afghanistan language,
Of course there were subtitles.


I don't really know how to judge this,
Considering that I've already read it.

Just watch, lah!
Might be boring for some ...
But it's nice.
Very nice.


The text for my English Literature.

Not bad I guess,
Read it twice already.

Not exceptionally good,
But not a bad read as well.

The book plays with destiny,
A family curse,
And a pinch of irony here and there.

I hope I don't have to reread again...

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