March 23, 2009

How to solve 8100030d Windows Live Messenger Problem

Been months I've been having this same shitty problem.

Couldn't log on to Windows Live Messenger with my main account,
But able with other accounts.

Tried all sorts of solutions that are randomly googled,
For one, I didn't have Zone Alarm firewall,
I registered all sorts of dll. crap on Command Prompt which I had no idea what is it all about.
I deleted some cache thing,
I reinstalled,
I rebooted my comp, (duh, I wouldn't have left my comp on for a month anyway)
Countless sites I've been to,
But to no avail.

So I tried signing in with another Windows User,
Logged on my WLM there,
Went to this folders,

C:\Documents and Settings\ Your Windows log on name \Local Settings\Application
Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts

More detailed : Go to any folder -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> At the hidden files and folders -> Select show hidden files and folders (this is to show all hidden files)

My computer -> C drive -> Documents and Settings -> Your Windows log on name (probably a special name since it's the 2nd user) -> Local Settings -> Application Data -> Microsoft -> Windows Live Contacts

Copied whatever that is inside,
Changed back to my main/admin Windows User,
Went to the same file,
But different log on name.

C:\Documents and Settings\ Your Windows log on name (different one since it's the main user and not the 2nd user anymore) \Local Settings\Application
Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts

Deleted whatever that was inside,
And pasted what I copied from the other user.

Don't ask me the logic behind it,
Because I'm not too sure,
It was inspired by this,
The difference is just they did different things in the folder.

I think there is no need to copy and paste,
Probably deleting everything in that file would do the trick,
But I'm just explaining how I did it anyway.

Hopefully this would enlighten miserable people who can't live without Windows Live Messenger like me,
Even though meebo (a web messenger) is a good site,
I'm still sick of it anyway =.=

*note : I did not rip this out from any other sites, if it is mentioned somewhere else, then kill me because I didn't find out earlier =.=

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