March 10, 2009

Unofficial monthly exams :D

We, as students,
Swear to do our best ...

Bleh. Lies.
I don't like random exams,
But I guess it's kinda good,
For our sake,
So that we actually study.

But I really hate History =.=

Today we had Moral and Add Maths exams,
I kinda screwed up the Moral format,
But I think, HOPEFULLY, it wouldn't turn out bad.

Add maths was ...

Kinda finished everything in the nick of time,
Left no.11 for the last,
Just randomly used random logic thinking to randomly create a random answer,
Didn't have time to double check other answers :(

Hoping Add Maths would turn out good,
If I get good results,
It will totally boost my morale in the field of Add maths ...

Morale =.=

A lot of my friends looked suicidal after the test =/

Might be having History test tomorrow,
I really hate it.

I feel like sleeping ~_~

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