March 25, 2009

The Lack of Time

For once,
I'm not over-procrastinating.

If multitasking is not allowed,
And I must totally abandon the computer when I'm doing my homework,
I think I might die.

I enjoy doing homework at a slower, steadier rate,
But time isn't that generous.

School eats up probably 6 hours of my life,
Then co-curricular activities engulfs another 2,
And tuition maybe 2,
And there goes 9 hours of my day,
Not even counting other miscellaneous stuff.

I just can't live without miscellaneous stuff :(

I tried doing homework during the free periods in school,
But it's just too torturing.

Too damn torturing.


Time, time, time.

Oh ya,
Something happy,
I got a distinction for the Australian Mathematics Competition I took part last year.

So unexpected :D

Will be joining again :D

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