March 20, 2009

Holidays? No, not really.

Holidays wasn't as fun as I pictured it to be.
I spent 4 days finishing up Add. Maths.
15 pieces of A4 papers filled with blue ink,
That's 30 pages.
Probably could have finished it in a shorter time,
But I was in the holiday mood ~_~

Managed to start reading a book,
But no,
I didn't sit down and crawl into the corner of my room the whole day just to read,
I just read before sleeping.

Have SO MUCH MORE homework to do.

And the holidays are coming to an end :(

Now I have to finish up my tuition homework,
Then maybe if I have a little time,
Maybe rush some school work.
And later after tuition,
I could rush some more school work.

Next morning,
I could finish up my Bible Knowledge homework,
The after that,
Will be going out @_@

After that,
Finish more homework.

On Sunday,
Go to church,
Till maybe 5pm?
And come back,
To rush homework?

Nooooo :(
I don't want my holidays to end like this.

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