March 22, 2009

Hate this mood that makes me stay away from homework.

1 week is just not enough,
Not enough for 82 add maths questions, Chemistry, Chinese, Malay, Biology, Add Maths PowerPoint thing and homework that I'm not aware of,
Not enough for all of that PLUS some HOLIDAY activities,
Which totally defies true meaning of a holiday.

Someone should rename it as rest-at-home-no-school-but-equally-much-homework-and-you're-not-allowed-to-have-a-life period.

Tiong Hsien finally came to my church :D
Along with his dad, mom, sis and bro.

And I finally received my 4th Rubik's cube :D
Hopefully will be posting about that soon.

I need to get into the homework mood,

Oh yeah,
And someone is getting quite desperate and pathetic.

And my I still cannot log on Windows Live Messenger with my main email.

And there's deadlines that I'll have to meet soon.

And I really wish for more holidays :(

And I haven't bought a present for you-either-know-or-don't-need-to-know-who.

And ...

Sigh ...

I complain too much eh?

Let me remember some stuff ...

Morning service today was ... okay ...
Quite empty ... for some reason.

Went all the way to some far away place with Darren to buy coconut water.

Youth was quite fun!
Ice-breaker wasn't ... that bad.
Get to hit other people's knee :D

Praise and worship was,
Nice ...

The story-making part was even crazier xD
Was totally EPIC.
Laughed like mad!

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