September 27, 2007

Examination Fever!!

Today, there was a sudden spot check after Chinese class.
Kar Mern went and ask the teacher why they let those useless people into our class.
Like I said before,
The teacher said that the useless people can change.
Naive little teacher.

Tomorrow is the 1st day of the year end examinations.
PSP ha ha.
(Seriouosly that came into my mind in a second)
English Paper 2 and Chinese Paper 2.
Let me see,
I'll need foolscap paper for the English and revise the literature part.
For Chinese, read some stuff and prepare Chinese calligraphy tools.
Oh ya,
I went to check the brushes,
Seemed that the last time I used them was the mid year examinations.
And I haven't wash them since then.
Washing now,
All stiff, seem likely to break like glass.
Hopefully they won't betray me tomorrow...
The above part was what I thought while I was washing,
Right after that the whole head broke.
Luckily I've got spare brushes.

Prays that every thing will be good tomorrow,
For me and my friends.


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