September 10, 2007

Laziness Takes Over

Saturday, can't remember what happened.
Sunday, went to church,
And there was this examination blessing thing,
Didn't manage to invite anyone,
What a failure.
And on Sunday night,
Blake came to my house to watch High School Musical 2!
We ate lots of chocolates.
He enjoyed the show,
While I was watching and playing Maple Story,
Level 106 now,

Morning was raining.
My mother sent me to school by car.
So no Physical Education class.
Finished up a little bit homework,
And of course,
Me, Blake and Josh chatted the whole time.

Ate fried rice and sausages prepared by my mother.
Fell from the chair thanks to some Indians pigs.
And the little mental boy wanted to eat my food!
That was freaky.
Then Kentz came by, as usual.

No teacher.
Moral, monthly examination.
The funny thing was there is answers at the back of the book!
But being good and honest students,
We never checked the answers.

Malay class,
Nothing interesting.
Kar Mern seems weird these few days,
Everything bad about her and she will blame me,
Because I am her "father".

Monthly test results!
Eirban almost suicide,
He got 29/40, which is 72.5%.
I got 85%, unexpected!
And Chan Wai Lun was like so happy when he found out that he got 32/40!
He kept "showing off".
Then suddenly I told him I got 34/40.
His smile became smaller.
Ha ha ha.

Well, something is wrong with my ears now,
Freaking itchy,
And something weird that might FREAK you all out,
So I better don't say.

Bye~ Thanks for reading.

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