September 22, 2007

Mooncake Festival

Just now,
Around 7 p.m.
Me and Blake walked to our primary school,
Yak Chee.

He met Aaron,
So they trio walked together all the time.
I saw ...
Ee Jay, Yin Suan, Yi Ling, Alden, Bryan, Xiao Ping and a lot more.
The whole thing was kind of boring.

We saw some weird people there,
There was this guy with golden long hair.
Well, Blake didn't manage to see Faith.

We went back around 10 p.m.
Nothing much,
Wasn't as grand as I expected.

1 comment:

lucky_angel said...

You went back to Yak Chee?
:cry: I didn't manage to go back to Yak Chee ler...Have other Monncake Festival celebrations...Haiz...