September 24, 2007


Hi all~!
I got my cooperation tag thing,
This means I am officially the seller of the cooperation,
Actually I was,
But today was like a formal thing where we get the tag.

Life went on,
Till the last class, Geography.
Suddenly some students came to our class and gave us pieces of paper.
It was the examination timetable.
Stupid school,
Typical actually,
Last minute inform us,
I already saw this coming,
1st they say 11th October,
Then 8th,
Then 4th,
Then 11th again.
Suddenly 28th September.
Weird thing is,
1 day examination,
1 week no examination (PMR I think),
1 week full 5 days examination,
1 week holiday (Hari Raya),
And lastly 2 more days examination.
Well, good luck to everyone taking examinations,
And to Seksyen 1,
Good job on planning stuff.

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