September 12, 2007


This morning,
Mathematics class,
The teacher was absent.
But she gave us a freaking monthly test!
Around 64 questions for 1 hour or so.
Didn't manage to finish all,
Just needed few more minutes to finish 3 more questions.
Then the teacher of the Living Skills for the girls came in.
Chased us boys out of the class.
So I grabbed my books and went out without looking at her face.

Living Skills, continued my wood project.
A little bit late for my cooperation work,
And also didn't ate my prepared food.

So, went back to class later,
It was Chinese class,
And no teacher,
So we chatted and I ate my food.
I prepared 3 hot dogs,
1 for me,
1 for Blake,
Half for Angeline,
And half for Kar Mern.

Malay later on.
This was went things became bad.
Suddenly news broke out,
That Lee Kar Mern lost her purse!
She was in class,
And we went to the library,
Suddenly she remembered that she left her purse in the class.
So she went back and the PURSE WAS GONE!
I don't want to go into details,
Later she scold me.

And lunch time,
She asked me to take her big stack of books about piano.
She said she need to go IOI Mall to buy something.
I kind of pitied her so I just took her books.
Later on Kok Siong told me more details,
And he says its that new boy in out class,
Now there are 4 problem boys,
Syamim, Ismat, Haniff and Megat.
I don't get what the teachers are thinking,
They think that they will change to be better,
Nope, they are just disrupting out learning process.

Well, hope Kar Mern gets over the whole thing,
I'm still not sure about the facts though.

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