September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Angeline~!

I guess I should skip whatever that happened in school,
Nothing much.

After school,
I took my bath,
Then Blake, Josh, Yi Shen, Angeline, Samantha and I were walking to Giant.
We saw Kasper there,
Blake's brother.
We ate delicious pizzas at Pizza Hut.
Me and Yi Shen shared another Lasagna,
It looks way smaller than the one showed in the menu.
Typical, isn't it?

We chatted a lot,
Took pictures and videos!
The videos were all hilarious!
But my video was accidentally gone.
Sad, very sad.

Later on, Xiang Min joined us.
Then Kar Mern and Hui Teng came back from IOI Mall.
They bought the Secret Recipe cake that we bought.
Well, we gather money,
Each of us paid RM 7 to buy that cake.
But things turned bad.
Some other people came,
And some of us were furious,
Mainly Blake and Samantha,
And vulgarities flew around.

After we ate the Pizza Hut food,
We asked the waitress to clean up the table,
Because we wanted to eat the cake.
The waitress looked as if she killed some one or something,
Her face was black.

Well, it turned out okay I guess.
Later on,
We walked back.
Kar Mern, Hui Teng, Xiang Min and Samantha went home earlier.
She left Blake, Josh, Yi Shen, Angeline and me.
When we reached Blake's house,
So Angeline went back 1st,
Yi Shen went to my house,
Grabbed his bag and went home.
Left me, Blake and Josh.

We were checking out the videos we took,
It appears that out videos came back!
It wasn't gone.

Later on,
Blake and Josh went back.
Josh went home I think,
And Blake went to his usual basketball thing.
So, left me alone in this house typing what you are reading now.
Thank for reading though!

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