September 17, 2007

Hi Fellow Readers!

Ya, I know,
Lame title.

Nothing much to write,
Seems that all I write is about my life,
Which isn't anything interesting.

Maybe that's why I am lazy to write.
And readers aren't finding any entertainment anymore.
Life is boring too,
I'm boring myself.

Chatting with MSN friend,
Getting boring some times.
Nowadays talking to Blake is boring too.
Seems like we talked about everything,
But Blake still like to talk about his new friends,
But it is boring to me, (no offense)
Because I can't relate to it.

Maybe I should find new friends instead,
It doesn't mean I will dump those I have now!
I appreciate you all,
Thanks everyone.
(now I seems like I'm going to die)

Need finish up so many notes,
Especially Geography and History notes,
Argh, wasting time.

Maple Story also seems pointless,
Training gets harder,
Not much friends to chat with.
Now I seem desperate for new friends.

This entry is weird,
I also don't know what is happening to me.
-Kritz, confused.

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