September 13, 2007

New Label! Religious Side of Me.

Well, this is more about God answering my prayers.
As you all know,
I am a Christian,
If you don't,
Well, now you know.
(2nd entry for today)

Few days ago,
My mother told me that this Saturday she will be going to Penang to do some charity work.
She wasn't doing it for the poor or something,
But for some person known as Amma.
She I some what holy or something,
And my mother keep saying it isn't religious but a person who spreads love.
People say that she got holy powers or something.
I didn't really like the thought of that,
Because my mother has a friend who is TOTALLY crazy over that holy person.
So I prayed that something will happen so that she doesn't need to go.
And suddenly,
My mother tells me that the whole thing is canceled.
Wow, Incredible.

God bless you all.

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