September 6, 2007

Tomorrow is Friday!!

This morning,
Almost woke up late,
Thanks to myself for that habit of sleeping after alarm ring,
I guess I need more sleep.

1st class was English,
Something weird happened.
When I wanted to pass my manila card about a Literature homework,
The teacher said : "I thought you said you wanted to pass up tomorrow?"
I was like : " When did I say that??"
Eirban which was sitting next to me said : " Ya, you did say that!"
What happened?
I've now got short term memory lost?!

Science later,
I love it,
Because its about making a presentation in power point.
I was the 1st group to finish,
Me and Alif.
I did most of the work,
But I loved it!
Then teacher said my presentation didn't have any pictures.
So she transfered my file to her laptop.
Wow, she really has A LOT of those pictures.
Those pictures mean those that are suitable.
No other meanings.

I went to 2 Alfa for awhile,
The whole class smelt like soap,
Because they were carving soap in the class as an art project.
And we kind of fooled around with Wan Hou Yin,
Trying to lock him inside the class,
Ha ha ha.

Met Kentz at the usual recess spot,
Which is a bench.
He gave sweets,
Thanks Kentz!

Living Skills class,
The stupid teacher wanted us to passed up a sketch.
But when I explained that I left it in the plastic bag with the other stuff (long story),
He doesn't buy it,
Or he doesn't understand?

So after a long time,
I'm guessing he snapped or something,
He finally understands what am I saying and went to open the garage thing.
So I took my paper and passed it up,
If he didn't let us take the paper,
I was going to kill him.

Pn. Liew isn't back yet,
And Pn. Lau was the substitute teacher.
She gave some exercise and the bunch of jokers were making the class laugh,
As usual,
Typical Chinese class,
With a warm feeling when all are Chinese.

Nothing much.

After school,
Went to the restaurant opposite of the school for lunch.
Josh bought another magazine,
I guess he loves them.
He borrowed me his CD of JJ Lin.

I can't remember much now,
Just had dinner after a rejuvenating nap,
Not really rejuvenating actually,
Just wanted to use that word.
Reminder : Geography examination tomorrow.

-Kritz, memory lost.

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