September 23, 2007


Today is Sunday!
Means church day,
Ha ha.

Youth for today was Praise and Worship,
Well, I prefer Bible Study.
But it was a movie!
So I felt happier!

The movie we watched was Left Behind.
It was meaningful,
The main point of the whole story is to believe in Him before it is too late.
For those non-Christians,
Today you and you're parents quarrel,
But what if the next day they pass away?
You won't have anymore time to spend with them,
And it is forever.
Don't think that,
You still have a lot more time,
Because we humans can predict the future.

Came back from church around 5 p.m.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
My father steamed some eggs,
It was delicious.
I didn't eat any rice because I didn't have much appetite.
I ate some eggs,
I wanted to finish it,
But other people still need to eat.

After my parents ate,
My mother said there were still some eggs left.
I wanted to eat,
I said "Later" because I was doing something.
But guess what?
My mother finish the eggs,
She is always like that,
Never keeps her promise.
Plus, that time my Maple character died,
I wasn't in a good mood so I kind of shouted at my mother.
I guess she felt guilty too,
My father made another steamed egg for me.
Thanks dad,
My father is still the best~!

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