September 21, 2007

Freaked Out~!

In school,
Jia Yu's house key went missing and all suspected it was Ismat.

Afternoon, lunch time.
I was going to sit down.
Then suddenly this uncle came from no where and just sat there.
Oh my gosh,
Nice manners there.
Jia Yu and Ming Huey never came,
Broke their promise.

Kar Mern came to my house again.
Later on his father called me and I totally freaked out.
I didn't know who was that,
Kar Mern, if you are reading this,
Tell him I freaked out,
Ha ha ha.
Scared me,
He was like,
'Did you call me just now?'
'Where is this?'
What the heck?
Then he said his name was Lee something something,
Then I thought maybe it was Kar Mern's father.
The whole conversation was weird.

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