September 20, 2007

I Forgot what to write.

Kind of lost here.
All I remember is the "war" in class,
Ha ha ha.

During Science,
There was no teachers and the whole class was chaotic.
Still curious about Kar Mern's secret though.

Eating toast now,
The only thing I can find in my house.
Hate doing homework,
I am suppose to finish up my History notes,
And pass up tomorrow.
But the weather is like,
Inferno or something.
It is hotter than Blake!!
And I don't have air-conditioners in my living room,
I ain't rich.
Plus, doing homework in my room just leads to a sweet nap,
Because I tend to lie on the bed,
Next thing I know,
It is 6 p.m.
I am still sitting here,
Enjoying my toast.
Ha ha ha.


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