September 5, 2007

Adults Always Right? I Don't Think So.

Well, in school,
Only fun thing was the module for Living Skills.
Mathematics and Chinese classes don't have teacher,
I rather spend it at home rotting.

In house,
Blake came to my house.
Nothing much also,

Then I showed my mother the picture that I took in the school,
2 class pictures, 1 red crescent society and 1 cooperation.
After that she just left the pictures there.

5 minuted later,
My grandmother was looking at my pictures,
And she was eating durian!
I was so worried that she would leave stuff on my pictures.
Then I told my mother and she started scolding me for not keeping it properly.
I was so angry that time I wanted to kill someone.
It was her fault that she just left the pictures there after seeing,
And now she scolds me?!?!?!?!

Tuition, and back now.
Need to revise for Living Skills and Geography,
Because there is monthly examinations on Thursday and Friday respectively.

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