May 4, 2008


When I was checked my nuffnang,
I saw something utterly peculiar,
Under the 'Came From' section in my 'Analytics',
I saw people from other countries coming to my blog *cough* of course.
But it wasn't that common,
I saw a country called 'undefined'.
Oh wait, there is such a country?
No, I'm not stupid,
Of course it means that they don't know what country was it from.

O.O *eyes open wide*

Oh my gosh,
Who could it be?
After narrowing down the possibilities,
I've came out with a few,
Just a few.

1. Santa Clause.

What? What are you laughing at?

He might be at the North Pole! Or was it South?
I didn't know that they had internet service over there.

"Dear Santa,
If you're reading this, I just want to tell you I've been a good boy this year. No, I don't want a pony, I just want an iPod nano 8GB in red. I hope that won't trouble you.

p.s. If you need a chimney, I'll ask me father to make one, but please confirm that you're coming first.

Yours truly,
Kritz. (A good boy)"

2. Atlantis

*click to have a better view of the location of Atlantis*

How could it be not real?
I mean seriously,
They even had a cartoon film about it.

It's Walt Disney, better believe it.

3. The Bermuda Triangle.

Cases have been reported,
Maybe it's heaven inside,
Or maybe it's a door to another dimension,
Or there are gigantic beasts in there,
Or there's some crazy magnetic force over there,
Or there are paranormal activities going on,
Or ...

4. Another Dimension

Something ... something outside time and space,
Wait, that would be God!

Next is the best theory I could come out with,
5. Outer Space Life Forms.

Sorry if I've offended any Michael Jackson fans out there,
But other pictures and quite disturbing.

Area 51 and all,
I find it hard to not believe the existence of other life forms out there,
The universe is so big,
And when I say big,
I mean big.
But that doesn't mean I believe in the Big Bang theory,
I'm still a creationist.

Sorry I didn't manage to snap the undefined part,
But I swear it was there yesterday.
Things just gets more creepy.


Ericka Lee said...

You're interesting.

Ryan Chow Show said...

I think Michael Jackson visited your blog...hehe