May 30, 2008

Berjaya Times Square's Theme Park, Cosmo World.

Summary :
Went Sri Petaling's LRT,
Reached destination,
Went Pavilion,
Went Time Square,
Went Cosmo Land,
Went to ate at Kenny Rogers',
Went back to Cosmo World,
Went back home.

To start off,
Maybe some pictures I took of Cosmo World.

Oh yea,
The entrance was RM35.

To be honest,
I didn't exactly enjoy this trip,
And I complained like mad to my parents when I reached home,
But anyway,
I'll try to make it sound good.

Supersonic Odyssey roller coaster.

The name of their indoor roller coaster,
And I think Wikipedia says it's the biggest indoor roller coaster?
Wow, unbelievable.

It wasn't that bad,
But after sitting it for 5 times,
I don't think it's that amazing any more.

Article :
Roller coaster rail bar falls on woman
Read it if you're interested.

DNA Mixer

Excruciating pain.
Maybe it is because I'm fat or something,
But it was freaking pain,
For my shoulder,
I have scars on my shoulder now.

Dizzy Izzy

Not available.

Ooort's Express's-Express.jpg

I think they should make dividers in the seats,
It is no fun when SOMEONE else is friggin' crushing you.

Spinning Orbit

Thrill ride?

Space Attack

Not available too.
*rolls eyes*

Robo Crash

Didn't enjoy it,
I'm too old,
I feel pain when someone bangs me,
And I hit the seat.
While others enjoy it till they sat it for like 5 rounds.

Other rides aren't really worth mentioning,
They are kiddie rides.

I still feel the pain.
Cosmo World is full of Indians operating the machines,
I'm not giving a racist remark,
I'm just saying.
And they even play Indian and Malay music,
What about English and Chinese huh?
Who is racist now?

One thing's for sure,
I'll be going back to that place in another 10, no, make it 20 years.

Kenny Rogers',
There wasn't much choice in Berjaya Times Square.
Should have ate in Pavilion,
They have Carl's Jr.

I don't really enjoy it.


Raihana Azhari said...

how much is the entrance fee???

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