May 7, 2008

What is my cup of tea Ribena?

I bet most of you,
Probably ALL of you know what's Ribena.
Well, if you don't,
Then you have a problem.

There's my monitor, my phone and my cup of Ribena on my computer desk.

I wanted to use another cup but my grandmother is hogging my favourite cup ._.
I miss my tall, see-through cup ._.

Back to topic,
For those who don't get my title,
Normally people use 'cup of tea' to say their taste or likings,
For example,
A girl would say,
"That boy just isn't my cup of tea."

And guess what?
I'm so lame I went and change to sentence to my cup of Ribena,
Which means something I like -.-

* * *

As the title says,
What is my cup of Ribena.
Recently I found out that I really don't know what I actually like,
Even the simplest things like my favourite colour,
I probably list out more than 3 or 4.

I always had that feeling that I'll need way more thought before I state something,
Unlike other people same age as me,
They seem quite clear of what they want,
And what they don't want.

As for me,
I'm still lost,
Taking more time,
More than normal people,
To actually know what I want.

When my friends start to talk,
About having big dreams and hopes,
Ambitious type of conversation,
I'll be the one wondering what the hell I'm going to be.
I'll be thinking what I'm good in,
What is easier to take,
What can get me more income $_$,
What will guarantee a bright future.
In the end,
I'll still be lost.

Even now,
I don't even know what subjects I'm going to take when I finish my PMR.
My friends seem so clear about what they want,
But I'll be thinking,
Wondering what would be suitable for me,
Wondering actually how many subjects are there.

I wonder when will I stop wondering and make a decision.

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