May 8, 2008

Leaving Nuffnang... In a different way.

I found out that recently I blog just to get traffic,
Innit-ing everything that I post,
Squeezing brain juice to think of something nice to post,
Crossing fingers that people will come and read.
This shouldn't be the reason for me to blog.

Leaving Nuffnang doesn't mean deleting everything,
Is just that I want to stop thinking of stuff to post.
I just want to post stuff when I have stuff to post.
No more fuss on I-don't-know-what-to-post today.

I feel so pathetic ._.

Exams are coming,
And I have so much folios to do.
I think I should really spend less time in front of the life-sucking-box.
*note, I said spend less time.

Feel so boring these days,
At home,
No friends to talk to,
No nothing to do.
*besides homework of course*

I actually feel that my friends are decreasing,
Drifting far far away,
I guess I should start talking to people on MSN instead of waiting people to talk to me,
But then again,
80% of the people in my MSN list are annoying.

I need to find a new interest,
Or a new hobby,
Please help me ._.

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