May 19, 2008


In my previous post,
I did mention that my parents had gatherings of their own.

Picture this.

30 years later,
Meeting up with friends,
Playing around just like 30 years ago.

Every one will have their own jobs, own family, own life.
Maybe even a new look, new face, new lifestyle.

Imagine ...
Those smokers,
Those gangsters,
Will they become a millionaire,
Or never even show up because they passed away or got themselves in jail!

Imagine ...
Some one,
Driving his/her Mercedes or BMW,
"Hey! Isn't that who I think it is?"

Imagine on your way to the gathering ...
You reminisce about the good old times.

Organisers of my father's gathering was amazing,
They even managed to contact teachers and almost half the students.

Even though I don't like my secondary life that much,
But it would be sweet to meet up after so many years.

I'll be telling my children names of my schoolmates,
Just like my father telling me his school life.

And by then,
I'll arrive at the gathering place with my limousine,
With my driver,
Like duh,
If I have a limo,
Of course I'll have a driver.

I'm dreaming to big >.>
Maybe a private jet would be better.

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Your Humble Servant said...

It could apply to me too sometime later...