May 31, 2008


Hmmm... what is this picture trying to tell us eh?

Add a sign there.

Carl's Jr. :D

Sorry, blur picture ._.

Ma big cup :D

Went Mid Valley after that PMR seminar.
Ate at the renown Carl's Jr.!
To be honest,
It wasn't THE MOST ZOMGWTFBBQ food I ate,
But it wasn't that bad :D

Beef was filling,
So bloated.
Oh, that meal was for 3 people,
Lucky I didn't force my father to buy another set >.>
Or else I would have puked.

Large fries and large cup for refilling,
With that oh so yummy Chicken Fingers :D
My plan to make my parents eat expensive food is starting to kick off!

Walked around Mid Valley,
Father bought a pair of shoes,
Tired >.>

Later at night,
Went Wong Kok Char Chan Teng at IOI Mall,
Sorry no pictures =x
Too hungry I guess =/
I've succeeded to make parents eat expensive food muahahahahahaha, no more food courts >:D

Yay :D
Bought more stuff,
Walked till,
11 something.
I'm so bloated today ._.
And I think I'm falling sick ._.
I was kinda retarded,
Walking like a limp,
My legs still hurt after yesterday's trip.


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