May 2, 2008

Watch What You Say

I'm bored, just wanted to blog something random. Bleh.

word bubble.
Watch what you say,
Because it might be a great impact on someone.

Some people just don't think before saying,
Just a few words might change the course of history!

When you say something that hurts someone,
It may seem that the person would forget about everything and move on with life.
But it may not be that way.
A person like me,
Will think over something that happened over and over again,
Telling myself that 'I'm not going to let that get to me' doesn't work,
Believe me,
On the outside you might seem that way,
But deep down you might be questioning yourself,
Asking a whole bunch of why-s and how-s.

On the other side,
Praising someone is good too.
You might think that a small praise makes no difference,
But you're wrong.
Everyone loves to get praises,
Be it small or big,
It still gives that warm-happy feeling inside.
Unless you're those big, arrogant celebrities who don't give a damn about what their fans say.
Johnny Arrogant
Even if it doesn't hit that person,
It wouldn't trouble if you say it out right?

I have this problem,
I'll start thinking about what I've did,
What people did,
What happened,
Especially when I quiet and alone,
All thoughts will come and haunt me.

That's why I blast music into my ears most of the times,
It helps me to calm my soul.

So start praising people more often,
Of course don't over-praise them,
Some people like *ahem ahem* will start to lift up their noses and walk.
Might as well don't praise them at all.
Giving critiques should be done in a good way as well,
Then again there are those people like *ahem ahem* who can't handle them,
Even the slightest one of them,
Thinking he/she is superior than others,
And others have no rights to say they aren't that good.

Okay I've to mumble some stuff that has nothing to do with this topic.
I just hate those who thinks everything they do is right,
And whenever others say something,
He/she will go ballistic and start saying that others aren't as good as well.
What kind of rubbish is that,
If you don't want to listen to any form of comments,
Might as well shut yourself in the basement for the whole life,
With all your imaginary friends that won't oppose to anything you say.
Oh yea,
You think you're everything eh?
Go bang a wall or something,
No one wants people like that,
You hypocrite,
Two-faced fiend,
Little pain in the ass neck,
I might explode some day ._.

book of heart
Have an open heart to listen to comments,
No matter how harsh they can be,
Since they don't know how to phrase or express their words in a better way.
Don't wait till they can't stand it and blast everything on you,
Then you'll regret.

This is going off-topic =/
How I wish I could come out with a full post about that fiend :D
pon and zi

I feel so lame finding pictures to go along with the post -.-


Johnny Ong said...

u are correct there in saying that we shld praise or give some good comments on what they have done instead of just looking at their faults or bad decisions made previously.

but there will be such annoyying people that u will meet along yr path - to make u stronger?

iCalvyn said...

sound like very serious, but i will think before talk always :)

jėss.T said...


sum ppl are not worth yr time. think abt what matters most to u then THAT is worth it

Ryan Chow Show said...

"Praising someone is good too.
You might think that a small praise makes no difference,
But you're wrong.
Everyone loves to get praises"

I completely agree with your point of view.