May 1, 2008

Welcome the new Month :D

It's a brand new month!
But I still have the same old homework -.-
I hate homework,
Especially this poster thing.
It's not really a homework,
It's actually a poster competition.
Why am I joining you ask,
I sent one poster poster before this,
A lot others sent their posters too.
Amazingly ... unfortunate,
My ugly poster was selected ._.
4 of those who sent them had to draw again,
With the same title,
"Rumahku Syurgaku"
Which means "My home is my heaven"

What am I suppose to draw ._.
I've came out with 3 ideas,
Try to picture it yourself..

1. Words, on the top left. Picture of 4 heads on the bottom right, as in 4 members of the family.
2. Words on top, father hugging child, mother look at child, child looking back at mother.
3. Words on top, father threw child up in the air, mother looks up, sunset sky, black silhouettes.

Went to Kar Mern's house today,
Thanks to Mr. Lee,
Did the NIE stuff,
Ate pizza,
Thanks whoever paid for it,
Watched movie,
Continue poster,
Played with Kar Mern's brother,
Went back,
Thanks to Mrs. Lee,
The end.

Now spending the last few hours of my 1 day holiday doing my poster,
How sad ._.

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