May 9, 2008

wHy PeOpLe LyK tUh TyPe LyK tHiSh DeR nEh?

There's those cApS aNd SmAlL lEtTeRs,
And there are those wh0 lykk tuhh taiip lykk thiish.
When you put them together,
EuU wIlL gEt s0mEtHinG lYk tHiSh lOr.

I understand people use normal 'Mang-lish/Sing-lish',
Or maybe a little broken English,
But isn't s0m3tHiNg LyKk tHisHh aie wE3 lIl' tuhh mUchh?

On the internet,
It's known as 'twit speak',
Or 'lala shpeak'.
Whatever you call it,
They are the same.

I use to see girls on Friendster using them,
Later on I saw boys using them.
In my opinion,
It seems WRONG.

"haiyoorr... why liddat der nehs? i want to die liao la, so sien sia"
Imagine that dude SPEAKING it out.

I don't mean that only the way I write English is correct,
A little broken or slang-ish is okay,
But please...
D0Nt tAiP lyyK tHisH l3R laRx.
There's even Leet speak (1337 speak)
+Ry +0 r3@d +|-|15 +yp3 0f \/\/r1+1|\|G 101.

If you want to start flaming or scolding me,
Just breathe in,
And remember that I'm asking WHY people like that.
Just answer that is enough,
Keep the flames.

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