May 14, 2008

This is absurd.

Plain absurdity.
Totally absurdness.

I don't really care about political stuff in this country,
But education is directly related to me,
Well after all,
I'm still a student.

The thing that I find absurdly absurd is that they,
Actually plan on changing Mathematics and Science back to Malay.
I heard that chances are quite high.

Okay fine,
Do something that you think is smart,
As long it doesn't affect me.
But if you want to change it to Malay for me all of a sudden,
I'm so going to do something.

Come to think of it,
If they change it back to Malay,
Those batch who started Science and Maths in English for Primary 1 will have to change BACK to Malay when they reach Form 1 next year.
Isn't that totally ironic?

Print Malay books,
Change to English books,
Throw Malay books,
Make new English books,
Make all books free for all,
But change back to Malay,
So need to throw English books,
And make NEW Malay books.

*I have to constantly remind myself of how should I not use foul words in the post, since politicians have something against bloggers*

What's their excuse of all this?
That Malays can't cope?
Can't handle English?
Or is it the teachers who can't handle it?

And so what if they can't,
You decide to change it back!
So when you can't walk,
You IMMEDIATELY give up without trying?

Come on,
Changing to English was a step forward,
And changing back is a step back.
Is that what you want?

If some people can't handle English Maths and Science,
They wouldn't be any much better when it's in Malay anyway.
Oh yea,
Teachers use Malay to teach English Science,
Isn't that enough already?

Imagine one day,
They abolish exams,
Because some people can't handle them.

If rural areas really can't cope with English,
Find ways to help them!

What's the use of knowing scientific words in Malay anyway,
It's not like we are going to overseas to study those subjects in Malay.
This country's main language is Malay,
Doesn't mean that everything has to be in Malay.

Did I mention about the clip I saw that day?
It was a documentary about why Singapore separated with Malaysia.
Why don't you guys put those interesting stuff in the History text book?
Why not?
Let the people know the truth,
Instead of pathetically hiding them from us.

Oh yea,
I still remember that I saw a Malay speaking in fluent English,
That proves that Malay peoples aren't naturally bad in English,
It's just a matter of themselves,
Willing to study or not.

Stop this absurdity!

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