May 23, 2008

Condolences to my dear friend's Dog.

Bella crawls up in her beloved master's arm,
Just hoping to spend her last minutes with him.
Cuddling in his arms,
Hoping to find comfort and safety.
But time was short,
It had to happen.

Without a warning,
Bella breathes her last breath.
Her last breath.

Heart-broken master cries pitifully over his loyal friend,
His pet,
His beloved member of the family,
His Bella.

But all this had to happen,
Nothing could prevent this.
Signs were shown before this,
Lack of appetite,
Losing weight.

Even doctors couldn't help.

Very sad indeed.

Now everything is gone astray,
Every memory will stay as a memory.
Bella's probably having a great time up in heaven.
Leaving this cruel world could be a good thing.

~In memories of Bella, Blake's beloved pet dog~

I'm not good in consoling anyone,

1 comment:

Serene said...

GOSH! This is sad.. My condolences to your fren..

I went to his blog but did not see any post regarding his pet lost.. Did he post anything? Would love to know more abt it..