May 12, 2008

*yawn* *sigh*

The title kinda sums up my whole Monday.
I think it's taking a toll on me.
Goodbye cruel world ._.

How I wish I could go home everyday and just forget about school,
Just enjoy my life sitting in front of the computer and rot.
But no,
I have HOMEWORK to do.

Then again,
I'll have to study,
Guarantee a bright future,
Then I won't have to suffer~

But wait,
There's a catch!
Adult life is far much pressuring and stressful.
Okay... so ... when am I suppose to enjoy my life?

Adults say I have to enjoy life during schooling age.
I don't see how.
Maybe till I grow up,
Suffer being an adult,
THEN I'll appreciate school life.

I'm having a headache.
I can't even go nap,
'Cause I'll probably sleep till 8 or 9,
And totally ignore my homework.
On the other hand,
I might just sit in front of the monitor and waste time till 8 or 9.

Out of a sudden,
Things start to provoke my thoughts.
Like that cyclone that swept Myanmar,
Lives taken away just like that.
Come to think of it,
Many disasters appeared after the Tsunami.
I wonder what would be next?

Too bad I don't really read newspapers,
I can't really list them down in a chronological order.

On a smaller scale,
For example,
My friend's brother who recently got some infection and had to go to the hospital.
Even people around me are getting sick these days.

So many things going on,
And all of a sudden my worries seem to be utterly small and tiny.
How I wish to just step out of all these and do something!
(that was a lame excuse to runaway from homework -.-)

I guess I should get going,
And finish up my homework.
Those leaving-reality-and-save-the-world type of films are really getting to me.

I wonder which 15 year old actually think like me.
I'm abnormal ._.

Doing stupid Geography folio,
Went on the PC to get this :

Peta Bandar Kinrara 2
Bandar Kinrara 2 Map

Guess how I did it?

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