July 19, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D!

Internet's so frigging slow these days. Getting on my nerves =.=

A review by yours truly (:

Overall, this movie wasn't what I expected.
It isn't one of the best movie I've seen too.

A short summary of the whole movie.

Summary + A little spoilers + pictures!*click to see*

Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) and his nephew, Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) embarks on a trip with help of Hannah Ásgeirsson (Anita Briem). 3 of them goes all the way to the center (or centre, whichever is grammatically correct) of the Earth, encountering things that aren't from this earth, (well, at least not from the Earth's crust).

Diamond walls, walls with magnesium, never ending holes, glowing hummingbirds, gigantic fossilised mushrooms, magnetic floating rocks, giant carnivorous plants, even a dinosaur, freakish things that resemble a piranha, some even prehistoric aquatic animal that eats those piranha, lava core. Kinda sums everything up.

The "roller coaster" part of the mines was one of the most interesting part. The whole scenery of the center of the Earth was astounding too.

*finally get to use the spoiler code for a spoiler >.>

A ticket for RM17.
They gave the special 3D glasses at the entrance of the room.

The glasses had spaces for people who wear spectacles,
So don't worry.
But still,
It isn't quite fitting for both non-specs and spec-ed.

For me,
The whole movie wasn't bright enough,
Maybe it was because the specs seem to be tinted of some sort.
Thus, causing some scenes in the movie that make you go,
"Wha..? What was that?"

On the plus side,
It is 3D. (What crap is this -.- of course it is, or else why pay extra)

It wasn't really real or something,
It just seemed like it popped up,
Or some sort of optical illusion,
Kinda blurry too,
That's 3D.

Storyline was slightly above average,
But it seemed to end quite fast,
And it wasn't exciting enough,
Compared to the movie that I watched previously,
Indiana Jones in The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

No villains too,
Which means less things to show.

Oh ya,
There isn't any subtitles for the 3D version,
Not sure about the normal one.
Just a note for those who can't live with it.

I'm still wondering did I miss anything important.

Father brought me out (:
Thanks (:

I was very hungry before the movie started.
I was drooling when I was passing the food court,
Yes the food court,
Shows how desperate I was.

Bought 1901 in and gobbled it down before the movie started,
Made me feel good~

Our seats were special,
Let me present it in this sketch that I hope you would understand.

Not a bad place,
No one blocked us,
And we didn't have to sit beside any stranger,
But the only thing is that people keep passing by right in front of us.

After the movie,
I wasn't that hungry,
Didn't even drool looking at those food.

Bought bread,
Went home.

Next stop,
Dark Knight!

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joshuatly said...

haha, you are right!
i wrote one also! Wanna check it out on my blog?
And in this movie got plenty of places which is not possible or logic (other than the storyline which is completely not logic lah)