July 9, 2008

I'm afraid that I'm changing into a racist.

Can't help it,
People in my school are totally terrible.

Of course there are some good ones,
Smart ones too,
But there's this gang of idiots walking around making a lot of fuss.

Just so you know,
I work in the school koperasi during recess sometimes,
And these gang of people will just barge in and make a whole lot of noise,
Pushing here and there.

What's worse,
Sometimes they even steal stuff,
I seriously don't know what to do ._.
Teachers probably won't help,
And I don't wish to get myself into trouble.
(call me a coward if you must -.-)

I don't know what is the school doing,
I mean,
They've already kicked out some,
Quite a lot in fact,
But why are these still here.
I hate those people.

Oh ya,
Then there's a few Malay boys,
They act like a big shot thinking with their loud and rough voice they can order others to do anything,
So sick of it.

I think the Malays in my class are the best,
At least they're decent,
Even the worst ones.
Or maybe its just because they know me and I know them.

I shouldn't hate them,

-This is not a racist thing, I'm just saying a few idiots I hate, doesn't mean I hate the whole race-
-I'm not blaming the school or anything, I'm just saying-

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