July 19, 2008

Why are books so friggin' expensive?

I'm talking about those books written in UK,
Especially fictional novels.
One book is around RM40.
If it was a trilogy,
It would be RM120.

How am I suppose to love reading if books are that expensive?

Buying cheaper books doesn't work,
Because cheap books are normally boring,
Bad quality.
Book written in Malaysia are probably politics and complaints about what us Malaysians do.

My school library doesn't really have the books that I would read,
Scholastic books in cheaper rates doesn't seem nice,
As in they are BORING.

Borrowing from friends,
Doesn't work too,
Almost none of my friend read English.

Even Chinese books are expensive,
But not as expensive as English ones,
They are around RM20.
But I can get some Chinese books from my friends.

I thought of buying Darren Shan,
The 12 book Vampire Saga,
But ... where to get $$ ...

And recently,
I've done reading my Triskellion,
Which turned out to be another trilogy.

Anyone know any competitions to get book vouchers?

Oh ya,
Books that I like never seem to be cheap,
Or sold in book fairs.
Book fairs consists of 99% Chinese books,
1% English.

This is why you don't see many people reading =.=


3)!7V said...

Hi, I love reading too but I don't normally buy. You can always rent from
Walk-In Rent-A-Book
or other bookstores. =) Happy reading!

Kritz said...

Thanks for the suggestion (:
But petaling is like ... so far ... I might just spend more petrol money than the book. But then, thanks again, I'll try to spot these types of shops around my area.