July 1, 2008


I have no idea what to blog about,
But out of a sudden,
My mother mentioned about ambitions.

I put quite some thought into it before,
It's contradicting that as a Christian I'm suppose to follow his will and do according to his plan,
But still,
I still can dream right?

I plan to study abroad,
Some where Irish or British,
Where I'll pick up some sexy nice accent,
I really dig accents,
But I don't know what accent is that.
As long as it isn't Australian >.>

Plan to be rich,
Or maybe those professional type.
I still don't know what I'm good at though,
All I know is I picture myself looking charming in a tuxedo walking out from some limousine.

I dream BIG.

And probably,
With a luxurious lifestyle,
Gold Class cinemas,
Private jet,
Fine dining,
Best PDA,
With originals hanging all over me,
Some apple laptop,
Living in a villa ....

You know what?
I think I watch too much movies >.>
But I really hope to be somewhere near there someday (:

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