July 17, 2008

Of The Language Called English.

The political scene is getting more and more interesting =x
It's like a drama series or something!

Back to what I felt like blogging.


In school,
My English is always considered one of the best,
Same goes for tuition classes.

I'm not blowing my own trumpet.

Fact is,
I never thought highly of my English standards.

Not trying to be modest either.


It's because I can't write what I read.

Reading books, blogs, articles, forums,
Comparing their English and mine,
I feel inferior.

How others express their feelings,
How others describe a single little detail with such exquisite style of writing.
How they make it sound so profound yet so understandable.
How they use words to make something that you couldn't say in words.
How they make one sentence filled with points to ponder upon.

That makes what I write look shallow and meaningless.

I think my English is just for scoring in exams
And nothing more ._.

To sound the least bit like a good author,
I think I'd need a few more light years to improve,
Considering the space for me to improve on.

Don't get me wrong,
My ambition is not being an author,
I just really want to really master English.

I think I should read more,
I don't really read much books.
And also not to neglect Chinese books.


Jarod said...

Eh, My blog english what standard ah? Honest ah! haha!

Chandira said...

Your English is really not so bad! :-) Better than a lot of people I read, that drives me crazy, all those 'OMG's and 'Ur's, etc..

Loved that thing about spoon-feeding!