July 13, 2008

Procrastinate yet again

Why is there so many things that I'm 'supposed' to do?

I'm supposed to do homework,
I'm supposed to do revision,
I'm supposed to pack my school bag,
I'm supposed to tidy up my stuff.

But problem is,
I can't care less,
I just hate doing all these stuff,
But still,
I have to do,
But I'm so lazy,
I'd probably leave it till what I'm supposed to do becomes something I have to do.

And one more thing,
I really have nothing do to,
I should learn something,
Like reading html codes or photoshopping.

Everyone has something of their own,
TJ has his photoshopping,
Josh has his picture finding,
Fiona has her I don't know what-ing,
Blake has his music thing,
Kar Mern has her piano thing,
I have nothing,
Except mapling and rotting.

Oh gosh,
I need a life.

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