July 23, 2008

I guess I should update ...

This is an update for the sake of updating post!

Putting much thought into the nuffnang gift ideas contest,
I really want that cash to buy my own iPod nano without having to wait till after getting my straight A's for PMR.
Wait, did I sound like I'll get straight A's for sure?
Sorry then, I HOPE to get straight A's.

Maybe I should study.
Nah, not now.
Procrastinate again,
And again,
Till the day before my trials maybe >.>


Been reading Chinese novels these days,
Apparently there's this book called 'Angel of memories' (directly translated from 记忆天使)
And everyone knows about it,
My class,
The class behind my class,
The class in front of my class,
Students from other schools,
Students from my tuition centre.

I'm so outdated >.>

What else to read?
Any suggestions?
I want English books!

What else ... oh ya,
I gotta get ready for that little quiz tomorrow,
History, urgh.

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