July 15, 2008

For the love of pain.

Few days ago,
I was walking,
Without noticing a tile popping out from a small slope,
My foot just crashed into it.

The excruciating pain.

Thinking that it wasn't anything serious,
I continued limping back home.
As I sat down and observed my foot,
The horror struck.

A quarter of my nail was broke,
And it was black,
Probably due to the blood stuck there,
And blood was oozing from the tip of my nail,

As if something was finding its way out.


The pain,
Was actually quite ...
I never felt pain from this perspective before.

The nerve impulses,
Coming from that particular big toe,
Going all the way up my brain every millisecond.

The toe seemed to have a heartbeat of its own,
Beating every single moment,
Sending pain to my brain.


What a pathetic attempt to sound suicidal and sadistic.
But that accident really happened,
Except for the part where pain was pleasurable.

*ahhh* pain.



Jarod said...

bei ni cha dao!!!! no wonder never see ur cute face on sunday.

Kritz said...

no lah! i was at kampung ma, so didn't go, not because of that little toe -.-